Diamond painting DMC color chart (color code)

Here’s the complete DMC color chart for diamond painting. You can download it as a PDF or, by clicking on a color, purchase bags of 200 drills of the desired color in round or square shape.

DMC color chart to download or print

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List of the 447 colors of the color chart

What is the DMC color chart in diamond painting?

In the world of diamond embroidery, there are 447 colors which, in addition to their respective names, all meet a “DMC code” or “DMC number”,that is to say the reference code of the color chart published by the company DMC (Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie) and taken up by all the industrialists of the sector. This color chart originally allows to reference all the colors available for the thread skeders used in weaving embroidery. Diamond embroidery uses exactly the same reference with one exception: some colors present for embroidery are not included in diamond embroidery. Thus the DMC color chart has 500 colors for embroidery, while diamond embroidery takes only 447.

Do the numbers of the DMC color chart respond to a logic?

Yes and no. You’d think the DMC color chart was established according to a perfect color gradient, but it’s actually a little different. Thus, if some sequences of a few numbers display a color that will darken or lighten, we can find a new variation of this same color at a much more distant number in the color chart. The reason is simple: the DMC color chart has experienced many additions of hues and color variations over time, which then had to respond to a number not yet used, so can be very far after the first colors yet similar. And to make it worse, we notice some significant jumps within this sequence of numbers, this in order to mark the arrival of a new generation of new colors. In diamond embroidery, the numbers are spread out as follows:

  • from 150 to 996;
  • from 3011 to 3078;
  • from 3325 to 3371;
  • from 3607 to 3609;
  • from 3685 to 3866.

To mark only the most important number jumps. To this is added the special color responding to the code DMC 5200 (and also found as “B5200”), corresponding to “light white”, i.e. pure white with the particularity of being bright, and 3 colors without DMC number: white (slightly less white than light white and especially not shiny) and ecru. Pure black, on the other hand, is not the subject of a special color but meets the DMC number 310.