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Diamond painting: what are AB diamonds?

Diamants AB

Some of our DMC colours are also available in AB diamonds and Crystal AB diamonds.

Diamond colors and shapes are added gradually.
See the list of available shapes by color

“AB” means “Aurora Borealis” (or “aurora borealis” in English), in reference to the sky with multiple colors that can be observed when this luminous phenomenon occurs. AB diamonds are special rhinestones whose facets have important reflections to give movement to the embroidery. And for good reason: these reflections change according to the light and when you move in front of the canvas.

Our AB diamonds are made of resin and not acrylic (superior quality). Their size is exactly the same as standard diamonds. Only the packaging is a little different: our AB diamonds are packaged in sachets of 300 diamonds (and not 200 like standard diamonds).

What is the difference between AB diamonds and Crystal AB?

There are two types of AB diamonds :

  • standard AB diamonds, simply called “AB diamonds”;
  • diamonds “Crystal AB”.

The difference is as follows: AB diamonds are opaque, while Crystal AB diamonds are translucent (4 special colors, described at the end of this guide, are however a little less so). AB diamonds have an overlay that gives the impression of sending bursts of light, a bit like glitter. Crystal AB diamonds do not have this overlay but they also give movement to the canvas in another way: thanks to the light that passes through them and reveals its reflections.

Examples of AB diamonds

AB 3842 (Prussian Blue)

example diamond ab blue

Find AB 3842 diamonds here

AB 310 (Black)

example diamond ab black

Find ab 310 diamonds here

Examples of Crystal AB diamonds

Crystal AB 958 (Green Valley)

Diamonds crystal ab 958 example

Find Crystal AB 958 diamonds here

Crystal AB 727 (Primrose Yellow)

Diamonds DMC Crystal AB 727

Find Crystal AB 727 diamonds here

How to use AB diamonds?

You can replace an entire DMC color with the same one in AB version, for example the sea or sky of a landscape, or simply replace a diamond from time to time within a color area (again with the same DMC number).

It is also possible to replace a diamond from time to time all over the web without taking into account the colors, in this case it is better to give preference Crystal AB diamonds, because they are translucent, which allows them to better “be forgotten” even if they are of a different color from the area they occupy, and to enjoy the reflections they will diffuse.

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AB and Crystal Diamonds

Examples of diamond painting with AB diamonds

Example of embroidery exclusively made of AB diamonds (standard type ):

AB diamond animation

And here is an example of AB diamonds (Crystal AB type) placed on a canvas, within a standard diamond area. The DMC numbers of standard diamonds and AB diamonds are the same in this example:

Example diamonds ab laid

The 4 special colors of Crystal AB diamonds

As you will have understood, Crystal AB diamonds are translucent and let light through. But four special colors are however less translucent than the others , on the other hand their reflections are very marked because of their pronounced brilliance.

Crystal AB “silver” (color: silver)

Crystal AB silver

Find crystal AB “silver” diamonds here

Crystal AB “golden” (color: gold)

Crystal AB Golden Diamonds

Find crystal AB “golden” diamonds here

Crystal AB “pink golden” (color: pink gold)

Diamonds crystal AB pink golden

Find the Crystal AB “rose golden” diamonds here

Crystal AB Gray Diamonds (color: gray)

Crystal AB Gray Diamonds

Find Crystal AB Gray diamonds here